I stand with the DREAMers. Full stop. These brave folks have come to the United States through no fault of their own, and America is the only home they know. They serve in uniform, teach our students, help grow our local businesses, and are our neighbors.

I know firsthand what it is like to have part of your family ripped away from you. That is why I refuse to turn my back on DACA recipients and will co-sponsor a clean DREAM Act in one of my first actions in Congress. I will also make comprehensive immigration reform a top priority, working with Democrats and Republicans alike to enact a solution to this contentious issue.

I am also deeply troubled by the rhetoric coming out of the White House in general. As a woman of color, I understand what discrimination looks like. My father was a twenty-year leader in the Illinois NAACP, and he taught me that diversity is an American strength worth treasuring. I unforgivingly condemn demagoguery in all its forms and I am an unwavering opponent of Trump’s travel ban.

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