GOP Early Vote 10 points below this point in Early Vote of 2017 Special

This poll comes after the campaign’s rating is upgraded for the third time in two weeks.

SANDY SPRINGS, GA—Lucy McBath, Democratic candidate for the 6th Congressional District of Georgia, is tied with Karen Handel. A new poll shows promising numbers for McBath, as well as a favorable early vote turnout. This poll is released after the campaign’s rating is upgraded for the third time in two weeks. This show of strength from the McBath campaign comes after a weak Q3 for Karen Handel, where she spent over 100% of the money she raised. 

“We are in the position to win this race. We are outspending and outraising our opponent.” said Communications Director Jake Orvis. “Lucy’s story is resonating with voters, while Karen Handel and outside groups are resulting to blatant lies and mischaracterizations of Lucy. This poll proves them to be ineffective.”


Jake Orvis

Communications Director