Pre-general filings show Lucy McBath with a sizeable cash-on-hand lead.

Lucy outraised Karen Handel by over 2:1.

Outspent. Outraised. Outperformed – Handel Set for Weak Final 10 Days

SANDY SPRINGS, GA—The Q3 finance filings gave voters a glimpse into the operations of the Handel and McBath campaigns, but now that the pre-general filings are out, voters can see a clearer picture.

Lucy McBath reports almost $150,000 more cash-on-hand than Karen Handel. Karen Handel’s cash-on-hand advantage from Q3 quickly evaporated, and now Lucy McBath is clearly favored. McBath reports a war chest of about $565,000 compared to Handel’s $402,000.

Lucy McBath outraised Handel for the second time in a row, raising more than twice the amount of Handel. Lucy McBath raised about $492,000 while Handel only raised $215,000.

Handel is performing especially poorly for an incumbent. In the polls, Handel consistently ties with McBath. Lucy’s probability of winning this race have also been upgraded by experts for the third time in two weeks.

“These numbers affirm a trend we have seen develop throughout the course of this campaign. Handel’s team lacks the financial discipline to keep pace with Lucy.” said Communications Director Jake Orvis. “The McBath campaign has solidified a grassroots network of over 26,000 individual supporters. We will continue to invest in our robust field operation to reach every voter in this district.”


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